5 Warning Signs of a Google Advertising Rip-Off

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google-rip-off-warning-signs-1I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But I see these rip-offs daily, and it drives me crazy.

An accountant once told me if I didn’t watch anything else… I should always open my own company bank statements. At least that way I could catch crooked accountants writing themselves checks.

It’s time for me to pass on the Karma. Here are the red-flags that an internet marketer is ripping you off.

1. You Are Running Google Adwords Ads But Not Paying Google Directly

google-rip-off-warning-signs-2When you advertise on Google you should pay Google directly. That way you are 100% sure how much of your money is going directly to Google advertising and how much is the “fee” being charged by the company. That way nobody can charge you an outrageous markup over the actual cost of the Google advertising.

2. You Have No Direct Access To Your Own Google Adwords Account

Transparency always equates to legitimacy. If someone is hiding something from you, or denying you access, ask yourself why. The only obvious answer is that whatever they are doing is not legitimate.

3. You Are Paying For Google Ads But You Can’t Find Your Ads When You Search

google-rip-off-warning-signs-3Typically the answer given here by unscrupulous vendors is that your ads are being “spaced out” to preserve your budget. Why would that make sense? The best traffic is always the early traffic. Who would you rather have click your ad? Someone at 8 am who was looking for Liposuction, someone who could call and make an appointment, or someone at 11pm surfing the net who can’t call you until tomorrow…if they remember to? This is a no-brainer. But companies who charge you a fee irrespective of your results get you clicks later at night because those clicks cost them less and allow them a greater margin when they resell those clicks to you.

4. You Are Provided With Information About Clicks… But Not Information About Calls

You can’t spend clicks. In reality you can’t spend calls either. What you really want are procedures. But at least you can do the math to get you from calls to procedures. There is really no value to clicks unless you are given specific information on how many phone calls the clicks generated.

5. You Don’t Get Recordings to Judge the Value Of Your Advertising Calls

google-rip-off-warning-signs-4All calls are not the same. An ad for free donuts will get you lots of calls. What you want are legitimate prospective patient calls. Call recordings let you verify that a marketer is producing legitimate results. Are the callers asking legitimate questions? Are patients booking consults? How many rings does it take your receptionist to answer the phone? All these questions can be answered easily with call recordings. Call recording is legal in every state as long as you notify both parties. Most marketers who don’t want to record your calls use the legality excuse to keep you from seeing (or hearing) their results.

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