Ad Management & Tracking

We Manage All Your Advertising for the Best Return on Investment

ad-management-trackingAdvertising is an investment.  How is the return on YOUR investment?  Most doctors don’t really know.  So they just spread their advertising around.  They advertise a little bit everywhere.  But without an accurate tracking tool they are unable to really focus their advertising where it provides the greatest return on investment.

Most Doctors Are Frustrated With Advertising

We find that most doctors advertise through trial and error before finding us.  A magazine ad here…some Google advertising there…maybe a Groupon offer…then a Medical Facebook ad….then Yelp…or Reach Local.  Some still use the newspaper or even the yellow pages.

Their tracking is limited to a receptionist with a notepad asking patients “How did you hear about us?”. Some don’t even do that.

This is very subjective and ineffective tracking.  People forget to to ask the patient, and fearing a reprimand they make something up.  Or your list shows an equal number of calls from a Google Ad and a Directory Listing in Locate-a-Doc.  But what your list doesn’t show is that the Google Ad booked twice the revenue.

We Track Everything For You

We track the sources of all your phone calls and contact forms.  We track the call lengths.  We can even record the calls for you.  We report your cost-per-contact from each ad source.  And with your help we can provide your net cost per procedure.

We Help You Adjust Your Advertising – More Profit – Less Waste

When you know exactly where your calls are coming from you can spend more effort on things that work, and waste less time on things that don’t.  So BEFORE our service a doctor may know that they get calls from both Google advertising & Coupon advertising.

But WITH our service you can easily see exactly how many calls and the cost for each.  We can then make adjustments for you.

Improve Profitability Today With Our Ad Tracking

Make your practice more profitable, and easier to manage.  Spend your time doing what you love instead of trying to guess which advertising to try next.

Call us today at 855-Mktg-Pros (855-658-4776 ) or use our contact form.  Work smarter, not harder.