Advertiser Solutions

You want more patients.

You don’t want to spend lots of money on advertising…especially if you aren’t guaranteed results.


If your son were selling tennis balls, and he had no money to advertise, where would you suggest he start? Door to door? Street corner? Sounds like a lot of work…hoping to stumble in to someone who just happened to need tennis balls.

What about the tennis court? Now we’re getting warmer.

But what if we could stand in front of the tennis ball display at the local Sporting Goods store with a sign…advertising to people who were looking for tennis balls. Now you’re talking.

The internet is full of people looking for things, but very few people understand exactly how to capitalize on that. Everyone has a website, but it takes more than that. Your medical website must be seen.

Some people try advertising on Google or Yahoo, but it takes more than that. You must be able to generate cost-effective conversions that you can easily track.

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