Complete Marketing Management & Reporting

Easy to Read Reports Track Everything Important

  • Average Rings to Answer
  • Average Hold Time
  • Website Ranking
  • Net Cost-Per-Contact for Each Advertising Source

Brief Summary Change Suggestions

Based on your report data we make an easy to read list of suggested changes for your approval.

Below are some sample suggestions we might make to our clients:

  • Target a new procedure keyword
  • Drop an Unprofitable Ad Campaign
  • Increase the Budget in a Profitable Medical Ad Campaign
  • Have us Review Excessive Rings to Answer with Your Staff
  • Have us Review Procedure Knowledge & Consult Booking Technique With New Staff
  • Implement a Facebook Contest
  • Get More Inbound Website Links to Improve Medical SEO

We Implement Your Changes

Once approved, we can implement the changes for your practice, and save you valuable time.  Chances are you didn’t like doing marketing work in the first place.

Make Your Life Easier & More Profitable Today

Let us track and improve everything, so you don’t have to.  Call us today at 855-Mktg-Pros (855-658-4776 ) or use our contact form.