Medical SEO for Doctors – Search Engine Optimization

Our clients are on the first page of Google.  Are you?

Are you losing business because both new patients and referral patients can’t find your medical website when they search for your important keywords?

Medical SEO for Doctors is different than other Search Engine Optimization .  You need a specialist. Someone who understands your procedures, how people search for them, and the volume of traffic associated with the various searches.

It is important that your SEO  use only Google-approved SEO best practices  otherwise you risk getting good results for a short time only to be penalized in to obscurity at a later date.

Below is an example of what we do:

SEO Case Study:

Our client, a cosmetic surgeon, has a clinic in Miami Florida. When patients searched Google for “Liposuction Miami”, his clinic would come up buried on the tenth page. Websites on the first page are the ones that receive the most traffic.


Our client subscribed to our Medical Search Engine Optimization Service. Now when patients search Google for “Liposuction Miami”, his clinic consistently comes up on the first page of results.


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