Physician Patient Newsletters

Emailing a Patient Newsletter is the most cost-effective advertising you can do.  If you are not doing this you are passing up an easy source of new patient revenue.

Most  doctors don’t do this because they don’t have the time or desire to mess with it.  And most of your staff doesn’t have a successful background in advertising and public relations. So you probably know you need to do it.  But it just never gets done.

We make it easy for you.

Our Patient Newsletters Are Part Of Your Marketing Campaign

We automatically acquire the email addresses of people who visit your medical website.  Our professional medical writers pre-write the newsletters.  All you do is approve the content, and we do the rest.

Of the few doctors that we encounter who are sending email newsletters…most are less successful than they could be.  Usually this is because their newsletters are too one-dimensional.  Bombing patients every few weeks with a laser hair removal sale does not constitute a newsletter.  And if you do this kind of newsletter your unsubscribe rates probably reflect that reality.

Each Patient Reads A Physician Newsletter For Different Reasons

A successful email newsletter is multi-dimensional.  It should have articles to appeal to different personality types.

Some people are analytical…they like medical technology articles.  Some people are very people-focused …they appreciate articles that humanize your staff and your practice to them.  Some people are bargain-shoppers…they appreciate value and sales.  Some people are community-oriented….they want to know that you are doing something for charity.  Some people are status-driven…they want to associate with people of high-status, and look for clues that portray you as an expert in your field.   If you aren’t sending a newsletter that appeals to all of these types of people on a consistent  basis then you are missing an opportunity to expand your practice.

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