Print Marketing

print-marketing-01Have you ever advertised your medical practice in print?  Coupons, Magazines, Postcards, or Newspapers?

Are you sending Patient Appointment Reminder Postcards?  What about Postcards Advertising New Procedures?

print-marketing-02Do you integrate your medical social media efforts in to postcards to reach older patients who may not use the computer much?

Let Us Represent You In Print

We have a wealth of experience from working with medical practices across the country.  We know what techniques work, and we know what advertising channels are a waste of money.

print-marketing-03Our Graphic Artists create professional design work that builds your credibility. Our media buyers can save you money.  And our marketing experts can track your exact results.

So don’t gamble with your hard-earned advertising budget.  Let us help you with an integrated print marketing plan that has been proven to work for others.



We Can Offer You A Variety Of Print Marketing Options

We can help you integrate inexpensive print marketing by using preprinted materials from other cities so you don’t have to design everything from scratch.

We coordinate your print marketing to work with your online marketing for exponential results.

Let  Medical Practice Marketing Pros do the work while you enjoy the benefits.  Call us today at 855-Mktg-Pros (855-658-4776 ) or use our contact form to start a risk-free discussion.