Reputation Management

Have you been the subject of unfair reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Places, or Real Self?

reputation-management-bad-reviewA recent study showed that if a company website has a negative result directly below it then 70% of surfers will click on the negative result first rather than the company website.  This can absolutely kill your business.

Your website’s Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) is determined partially by the Click-Through-Rate (CTR %).  So a negative review that gets a higher CTR% than your website can eventually move above your own website in the Google listings.  If you advertise in Google AdWords a decreased CTR% also increases your advertising cost which is factored on your CTR%.

Bottom line…it is imperative that you get ahead of this.

Our Online Reputation Management Service for Doctors can set things straight.  And our Reputation Protection service can help stop future occurrences.

We Are Experts at Reputation Management for Doctors

reputation-management-professionalWe only work with doctors. We understand the challenges you face in successfully marketing your medical practice.

A few bad reviews can undo all your best promotional efforts…and that costs you money.

Some companies only offer reputation management services.  They are the proverbial one-trick-ponies. We feel that those companies lack the comprehensive skill-set to understand the bigger picture of what you are trying to accomplish.  Some services just generate artificial positive reviews to obscure the bad reviews. That is a dangerous strategy. We help you build something bigger…an overall portrait of credibility.

The Best Reputation Management Service is Part SEO, Part Public Relations, & Part Legal Defense

The key to a successful medical practice is credibility.  Negative Reviews diminish your credibility.  So we fight on your behalf to restore your credibility.

There are several ways to treat the problem.  Just like practicing medicine, one of the most important skills is the discernment to know which treatment to use.

  • Obscure the Negative Review With Positive Reviews – This is a common approach. All the services offer this. The difference is in how they deliver. Some services generate fake patient reviews. That is short-sighted and exposes you to long term liabilities. We get you more real patient reviews. Some services only use this one treatment.
  • Reach Out to the Negative Reviewer To Turn Around Their Opinion – This approach requires diplomacy and creativity.   Some people are never happy.  And inevitably a few of those will get through your screening in the patient selection process.   But it’s amazing how some of them can be converted from detractors to promoters using the proper approach.
  • Break the Anonymity of a Negative Reviewer – Sometimes when we research a negative review we discover a trail that leads to your competitors.  When confronted these negative reviews disappear quickly.   Especially when confronted with the potential for board or legal action.
  • Apply Legal Pressure to a Delete a Negative Review – We are not lawyers.  But we work with lawyers to provide the information they need to apply pressure under certain circumstances.  We have successfully removed many negative listings that the doctors were unable to remove themselves simply by tracking the digital footprints back to an unscrupulous source.

If You Fail to Address Negative Reviews The Problem Gets Worse

The longer a negative review sits in place the more traction it gets in the search engines.  These long-standing negative reviews are the hardest to get rid of for several reasons.

  • One Negative Review Gets Copied to Multiple Websites  –
  • The Person Who Posted the Negative Review Gets Harder to Contact –
  • The Person Who Posted the Negative Review Gets Entrenched in Their Position  –
  • The Person Who Posted the Negative Review Gets Emboldened & Begins to Post Prolifically on Multiple Websites –
  • A Competitor Who Plants a False Negative Review Closes –

It is to your advantage to address reputation management quickly before the problem grows and becomes more expensive to resolve.

Guard Your Reputation Today With Our Guarantee

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