Telephone Tracking & Staff Coaching

How Many Rings Does A New Patient Hear Before Your Phone Is Answered? 

How long are patients on hold?  Would you like to always know these important performance metrics your practice?  Would you like a system that constantly improves your staff performance without your involvement?

Do you know how your staff sounds to new patient callers?  Are they cheerful?  Do they know the best way to deal with price questions?  Do they know how to avoid long question & answer sessions and instead focus on booking consults?  Are things different when you are gone?

Successful doctors use the telephone tracking solutions from Practice Marketing Pros to answer all of these questions.

Our marketing consultants can help you implement the proven best practices of other successful medical practices across the country.  We coach your staff to deal with tough callers and increase consult bookings.

We Coach Professional Patient Coordinators

Our clients are premier medical practices that understand the importance of professional marketing…both to their reputation…and to their bottom line.

We understand the challenges faced by busy office staff.  How do you answer the phones promptly and still best answer new patient questions?  How do you book consults when callers are just price-shopping?  How do you limit no-show consults?

We have proven answers to these questions, because medical practice marketing   is all we do.

Professionalism Requires a System

The professional practice of medicine is based upon proven treatment protocols, and rules for implementing them.

Similarly, a professional marketing system starts with proven marketing practices, and uses automated tools for implementation and accountability.

Most doctors know they need a professional marketing system.  But they don’t have the time or desire to become marketing managers.

That’s where we come in.

We Implement Proven Systems & Report to You

We use automated tools to track the important metrics in your business.  Once gathered, we analyze & compare that information to a set of standards. Then we determine what’s working in your practice and what’s not.

We know you are busy, so we provide the most important information to you as summary suggestions.  Then if you wish we can work with your staff to implement these suggestions to take your practice to the next level.

You Can’t Afford Unprofessional Marketing

It’s expensive to make your phone ring.  You can’t afford to miss new patient opportunities with unanswered calls or less than optimum consult bookings.  It takes constant monitoring and improvement to stay ahead of the competition.  Those who don’t keep up get left behind.  And once behind it can be hard to ever regain a position as a market leader.

Insure Your Professionalism & Profitability Today With Our Guarantee

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